IDR 125.000

The juices in this package:

  • Bright Eyes
  • Morning Call
  • Coco Charcoal
  • Evergreen
  • Holy Kale
  • Original Almond Milk


This package is a good introduction to our juices in Urban Remedy Indonesia. We have a widespread of 25 juice varieties and this 6 are our best selling and favourites!

You will receive 2 of our best selling green juice – Holy Kale and Evergreen. Holy Kale is a highly nutritional juice filled with power vegetable. It will taste more greeny thank Evergreen. Evergreen is a green juice that is very enjoyable to consume. We have used pineapple to add to its natural sweetness with parsley and spinach being the main vegetable ingredient.

 Morning Call and Bright Eyes are the 2 favourite fruit juices. Morning Call is the perfect drink for breakfast, it is very refreshing, sweet and not too sour. A great replacement for Orange juice. Bright Eyes is a fun and tasty juice that all ages will enjoy. As everybody knows carrot helps to improve our eyesights, and this juice contains will make your eyes ‘brighter’.

 Lastly you have our Coco charcoal made from Thai coconut. Its sweetness is 100% natural. And with a tad of activated charcoal, it will help to cleanse the toxins in your body away. Orginial Almond Milk has been renowned to be one of the best in town. Even children love it. I hope you enjoy them as much as we make them! 

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